A crack in your home’s foundation can vary in severity and ultimately in the magnitude of the threat that it poses upon your home’s structure and your personal health. Any foundation crack, whether big or small, can be an entry for water into your home. Although this will not lead to your home flooding, it can cause structural water damage in your home, requiring more serious and more expensive repairs down the road. Not only that, but water entering your home via foundation cracks can lead to the build-up of mold in your home, which can not only lead to structural damage in your home, but can also cause eye, nose, throat, and lung irritation on your or anybody living with you. Luckily, CrackFix is a company that offers the best foundation crack repair services in Edmonton and the surrounding area, and we guarantee to leave your perfectly sealed at an affordable price.


At Crackfix, we make it our goal to exceed your expectations and the expectation of every customer. Because of this, we make sure to invest in the quality of our materials. Using polyurethane, the best material available for foundation crack repairs, you can be sure that what you’re getting from us doesn’t get any better. Polyurethane has properties that allow it to stick on wet surfaces and react with water, causing It to expand 5 – 20 times its volume in order to fill the crack. Because of this, polyurethane is the best option available for all cracks, including actively leaking cracks. Other common sealing materials, such as epoxy, don’t stick to wet surfaces and harden more than concrete, providing no flexibility after it cures.


Leaking Foundation

Actively Leaking Cracks

Previously Repaired Cracks

Underground Pipe Penetrations

Gaps Beneath Window Frames

Leaking Underground Structures


CrackFix is a company with several years of experience that prioritizes an exceptional quality of work as well as an unmatched customer service experience. Having a team of highly experienced professionals and access to the best materials available, we can guarantee to exceed your expectations with our work. Not only that, but our team promises to thoroughly and efficiently communicate with you throughout every step of the process in order to ensure exceptional customer service. With your satisfaction being our priority, you can expect every job to be executed to perfection.

Offering a lifetime, transferable, moneyback-guarantee warranty with our crack repair services, you can be sure that our work will be done to perfection. Because being a reliable company matters, we are fully licensed and insured. Not only that, but because we prioritize safety, our employees are all WCB covered.

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