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Edmonton’s Trusted Name in Foundation Crack Repair

Edmonton’s Trusted Name in Foundation Crack Repair


Foundation crack repair in Edmonton and area

If you found a crack in your home’s foundation, the last thing you need is unreliable service or temporary fixes. You need a company with previous satisfied customers and references, Who offers a Warranty you can count on and be able to transfer in case you plan to sell your home in the future.

Not only our repair is permanent and comes with LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE MONEYBACK WARRANTY but also it is only done from the inside. Using this method will ensure our clients not only save on the cost of repair but also their time as the exterior of the home or the landscaping will stay intact.

We are Licenced, Insured, and our employees are WCB covered.

Call us today for free estimate so we can assess your home foundation crack and give you an estimate.

Foundation crack repair
Foundation crack repair
Foundation waterproofing
Foundation waterproofing


Benefits of Polyurethane Crack Injection

It is not uncommon for cracks to form overtime or even show up on new foundations. However, it is important to address these cracks. Not only is it unsightly, but also cracks can be an entryway for water to seep through. This can then cause water damage and if not repaired in time can cause mold to form inside of your basement and lead to health issues.

While some other waterproofing companies use other materials for crack injection, polyurethane has proved to be the most successful. Other injection methods typically involve materials like epoxy. The problem with epoxy is that it will harden much stronger than concrete and will not be flexible after it cures. Also if the crack is wet or actively leaking, epoxy will not work as it needs a dry surface to adhere to. Polyurethane on the other hand reacts with water to expand 5 to 20 times its original volume and fills the crack. This allows polyurethane to be a perfect choice for actively leaking cracks.


Family Owned and Operated

“It’s been proven that a family owned business will consistently outperform almost every other type of business”.*1 “Family owned businesses are more stable, have a longer time horizon and tend to have a high level of trust and commitment both to employees and customers, because how the company behaves reflects the family’s personal integrity”.

WOW! The above statements could not have better described CrackFix.



Hi Mike your guys did a great job, they answered all my questions and put my mind at ease regarding the moisture and foundation problems of my basement.
Kyle N
St. Albert
I’m happy with the work. I wasn’t home during the process but the repairs look great, you were on time and professional the whole way through.
Julie S
Very happy with the price and quality of the work you guys provided to us. No more water in the basement even after this year’s heavy downpour.
Joe T
This was our 2nd time dealing with CrackFix and we were pleased. As a renovation contractor I felt pretty confident after the first time I used them to refer them again to my client.
Dealt with Mike to agree on a price for the repair. The technician showed up on the set date and completed the job. Professional, on time and answered my questions.
Fort Saskatchewan
Mike got back to me quickly and provided a written quote once he viewed our home & the vertical crack in our foundation. The work completed 3 days later and the gentlemen did a great job.
Jeff S

Polyurethane Injection

Through tie-rod holes & through snap rods.

Cracks in basement walls

(Internally or externally)

In a wall to accommodate utility lines

& the top of the concrete wall cut-out

In general ie. Underground parking

water leak in the basement


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